Cherokee Temps Inc HVAC Technician (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technician) in Muskogee, Oklahoma

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Adjust system controls to settings recommended by manufacturer to balance system. Assemble, position, and mount heating or cooling equipment, following blueprints or manufacturer's specifications. Comply with all applicable standards, policies, or procedures, such as safety procedures or the maintenance of a clean work area. Connect heating or air conditioning equipment to fuel, water, or refrigerant source to form complete circuit. Discuss heating or cooling system malfunctions with users to isolate problems or to verify that repairs corrected malfunctions. Fabricate, assemble, or install duct work or chassis parts, using portable metal-working tools or welding equipment. Inspect and test systems to verify system compliance with plans and specifications or to detect and locate malfunctions. Install and test automatic, programmable, or wireless thermostats in residential or commercial buildings to minimize energy usage for heating or cooling. Install auxiliary components to heating or cooling equipment, such as expansion or discharge valves, air ducts, pipes, blowers, dampers, flues, or stokers. Install or repair air purification systems, such as specialized filters or ultraviolet (UV) light purification systems. Install, connect, or adjust thermostats, humidistats, or timers. Lay out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment, according to wiring diagrams, using electrician's hand tools.